Safely stowed away

bike boxes

BikeBox 1

Our BikeBox 1 protects bicycles from theft, vandalism and weather conditions. Especially in private use, e.g. for apartment buildings, the BikeBox 1 is ideal.

The construction consists of multiple edged aluminium sheets and a 3 mm thick door with steel rung and triple locking. An integrated guide rail makes it easy to park and park the bicycles. The surface made of galvanized steel and RAL coated aluminum sheet guarantees you a durable product.

BikeStore 2

Our BikeStore 2 is an excellent way to expand your in-line system.

You can stack the bikes on two levels and use your space efficiently. The boxes are suitable for a bicycle. The upper box has a pull-out and lowerable guide rail, which facilitates access to the bicycle. The lower box is equipped with a simple guide rail. In addition to the boxes, the mounting element includes a roof as well as a rear and side wall.

The individual boxes are as high-quality as the BikeBox 1 and can be obtained optionally with triple locking and coin deposit lock. In this way, the bicycle can also be accommodated in a protected way in the public space.

BikeStore 5

Our BikeStore 5 includes all the advantages of the BikeBox 1 and can accommodate up to five bikes.

The construction consists of a galvanized steel frame and aluminum sheets coated according to RAL. The silver roof is made of an aluminum sine wave. You can reach the bikes through the steel and aluminum folding gate. Gas springs make manual operation easier. In addition, the BikeStore 5 has a lock with double locking.

Our Josta SingleParker is particularly suitable for the safe standing of your bike.

CycleStore 3

Als Fahrradgarage für das sichere und effiziente Abstellen von Fahrrädern kombiniert unser CycleStore 3 unsere Doppelparkersystem mit einem Schwingtor.

Die Konstruktion besteht aus verzinktem Stahl, das Dach aus Stahl-Trapezblech und die Seiten aus Stahl-Trapezblech und Drahtwellengitter.

Für das platzsparende Verstauen der Fahrräder befinden sich im CycleStore 3 bis zu  zehn Fahrradplätze.