Bicycle parkers

Support Stand

Simple design – high functionality

The simple strap is particularly effective in public spaces, in order to park many bicycles quickly and easily. You can choose from three materials: hot-dip galvanized steel tube, hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated RAL or polished stainless steel.

The leaning bracket can be concreted with eradicators. Alternatively, it is also possible to screw on to a bottom sleeve or bottom plate.

Our different types offer the right solution for every requirement.

Product variants

Type S19

Simple leaning bracket with round arch. Concreted with eradicators.

Type U

U-shaped support stand, which can be mounted with a bottom sleeve or stationary.

Type C/E

Support stand with additional cross brace. Concrete (type C) or attachment with floor plates (type E) possible.

Type A/G

U-shaped support stand, which can be mounted with ground era (type A) or floor plates (type G).