Bicycle parking system

Semi-automatic vertical parking – the VPSystem

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Convenient and effective

The VPSystem is the most convenient and effective way to store bicycles – a vertical automatic lift system so that the bike can be parked vertically without physical effort

The VPSystem as a vertical parking system is used where there is no space.

The system is easy to use and compact. Furthermore, as a rigid or flexible solution, it is very space-saving and at the same time allows easy and convenient parking from the horizontal to the vertical position. This also applies to bicycles with rear lights and rear wheel protection rods, not only for mountain bike types.

By moving the parked bicycles, a convenient parking is possible at any time.

Variations and options


The VP system can be used rigidly as a ceiling mount or movable by means of ball-bearing rollers and rails or with a free-standing stand construction with one- or two-sided installation.

It can be moved horizontally in the vertical position, both to the right/left and to the front/back, so that the bikes are pushed together to require a distance of about 300 mm.


  • Courtyard parking
  • Private bike station
  • Developments
  • Schools
  • Events
  • Airports


Ceiling height for direct installation: 2380 mm

With a free-standing steel construction: min 2530 mm

Plastic sheathed hook parked without a bicycle (semi-automatic) in the upper position