Pioneer in bicycle holder systems

About Josta

Since 1967, we have been producing bicycle holder systems for our customers in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

We are proud to call ourselves a pioneer in this field.

In addition to bicycle holders, our production program also includes bicycle boxes, passenger waiting rooms, carports, round roofs, bikes and ride systems, two-story car parks in steel construction as well as products for the design of living environments.

Individual custom-made products are possible even for small orders.


  • 1894: Foundation of JOSTA Metallbau
  • 1967: Production of the 1st JOSTA bicycle holder
  • 1992: Development of the safety bracket
  • 1994: Constructive improvement of the JOSTA bike holder
  • 1996/97: Production expansion “Living environment design”
  • 1997: Development of “two-level stands”
  • 1999: Development of a fully automatic “bike tower”
  • 2000: Development of horizontal / vertical systems
  • 2000: Export business to EU, USA and Australia.