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Josta Bracket

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The classic bike rack

Our Josta rack is the classic among bicycle racks. The safety bracket is used to secure one bicycle each and is attached to the wall or floor. Due to its compact design, the rack is particularly space-saving.

You can choose between four settings: straight, right, left, or extreme. The hot-dip galvanized surface protects against corrosion and guarantees you a durable and reliable product.

The Josta bracket adapts to your needs. You can choose from different models and finishes that meet your needs.

Variations of the JOSTA bracket

High setting

Fixing the bike vertically to the wall, for a particularly space-saving accommodation.

Extreme rack

Installation of the wall bracket at 22° or 45° angle. Execution to the left or right possible.

Single stand

Ideal solution for fixing it in the floor instead of on the wall.


Compact mounting system for multiple bicycles. Available with plastic coating as rim protection and safety bracket.

Standing bracket

Standing bracket with plastic coating as rim protection and support strut to protect against vandalism. It is possible to equip with safety brackets.

Floor rack

High-quality bicycle rack for fastening in the floor. It is possible to equip with safety brackets.

Wall bracket

The classic Josta rack in row form for fastening to the wall.

Safety bracket

Prevents your bike from tipping over and provides more stability. Can be easily retrofitted.

Bicycle rack with substructure

Stability in the tightest of spaces.